Let me be honest: I of course would attend a viewing party hosted by Steven Tyler. Can you imagine the people-watching? In college, my roommates and I used to change our answering machine message regularly, as the youths did during those years before we all had cell phones, and one of our most popular one was sung to the tune of “Crazy:” “Phung, Jess, and Jen are not hoooooooome/We can’t come to the phoooooooone/Please leave your message/at the the beeeEEEEEep.” And I am 100% sure that if I am ever in the same room as Steven Tyler and I also am drunk, that I will tell him this and it will be embarrassing for me. ANYWAY, let’s look at outfits.

[Photos: CraSH/imageSPACE/Shutterstock, Stewart Cook/Shutterstock]