Obviously, I do  not know the truth of this, but Sofia Carson seems like a gem to work with. She is always on time for events (that I can tell) and when she’s in a project, she SHOWS UP and SHE PROMOTES IT. She was also very professional and seemed very prepared that time they hired her to do the Oscars pre-show, although generally speaking I am of the feeling that all those red carpets should just have a documentary camera crew chasing people around and two folks doing in-studio play-by-play as if it’s a sporting event, which it basically is. Like, “on deck is Julianne Moore, nominated tonight for Best Actress for her role in Xanadu Two. Two weeks ago at the SAGs, Moore crashed and burned in a truly insane Chanel gown that appeared to have been made solely of palm fronds and those plastic lids they put on your Starbucks, so it’ll be interesting to see — oh, there she is AND SHE HAS MADE IT WORSE.” Etc. Anyway, were that happening here — although this is just Sofia arriving at GMA — said commentators would probably say that she looks very pretty even if this dress is too fancy for a morning show and she vaguely looks like a bride who commissioned a dress that could also be a neck brace.

This is ALSO bridal (her movie does involve, I believe, a wedding of convenience turned a marriage of LOVE):

Sofia Carson visitng the billboard for her Netflix movie Purple Hearts in Times Square, New York, USA - 08 Aug 2022

I hate these shoes but I know the kids (and Lisa Rinna) love them and honestly this is very sweet on her and WOULD be good for a lower key wedding. So carry on!

[Photo by Jose Perez/Bauer-Griffin/GC Images, Michael Simon/Shutterstock ]