Please do not write me a letter screaming at me that Buffy did not wear a uniform. I would argue that she did, and that it was leather pants. All I know is that when the world’s most famous teen vampire slayer shows up wearing something that implies she’s been spending a lot of time in a high school — be it Sunnydale High or Constance Billard* — I start looking over my shoulder for some Big Bads.

PS: While I’m here, if anyone wants to do a Buffy The Vampire Slayer mash-up with 21 Jump Street wherein a now adult Buffy has to enroll in a high school and impersonate a student in order to save all those kids’ lives…I will be the first person in line. (Both Sarah Michelle Gellar and Anthony Stewart Head MUST play their original parts, however.)(Joss Whedon is not invited!)

*SMG herself made a Cruel Intentions reference on her Instagram. How did I forget Cruel Intentions? This time of year is a bittersweet symphony for my brain.

[Photo: Broadimage/Shutterstock]