Sarah Jessica Parker was supposed to open a flagship store for her shoe collection in April, which obviously did not happen — but with retail shopping back in action in New York, it opened a week ago and she’s been in and out of the shop ever since. I applaud her for that. Look, maybe she’s only inside for 30 seconds and it’s just a photo op, but she doesn’t HAVE to do that. It’s a successful line. She could just vaguepost pics on her Instagram of the shoes, and it would be fine, but the fact that she actually shows up is pretty cool. Is it for good PR? Maybe, but who cares! She’s still doing it and she’s doing it masked — and in a great one here, in fact. I also appreciate the curly hair, which I think she had mostly abandoned? Maybe she’s giving up her straightening treatments during the pandemic. Anyway, I applaud her apparent work ethic and her cute face covering and her general air of “it’s summer in the city and I’m popping by work so I want to look nice but also be comfortable because the world is a shitshow and I don’t have time for fancy” vibe, and if her shoes weren’t so expensive I would totally buy a pair. Not THAT pair, of course. Maybe this one.

[Photo: Shutterstock]