I wonder if Emily Blunt called up everyone in this movie and said, “Just as a warning, I’m going to be bringing the thunder.” Because this almost feels like it’s intended as an antidote.

Having stood next to her at Fashion Week (while she very politely answered what I’m sure were my dumb questions, for our Cut coverage), I can tell you she’s tiny. Very petite. IMDb has her at 5’2″, and I believe it. So this dress receives VERY high marks for making her look so long. Not that being short is bad — it’s not, at all; I have many a beloved short person in my life — but I know that one ongoing battle for the petite is waged on the grounds of Fort Stumpy, so I always applaud the reverse optical illusion. In this picture, she looks 5’9″ if she’s an inch.

I am ITCHING to give her bracelets and a darker lip, though, because the dress is SO quiet that it needs some help. I don’t think this is fugly, but it’s not a flat-out Well Played for me, either, and calling it “Fine: Anna Kendrick” reads like I’m flouncing off to my room in a teen hissy and slamming the door. Which I’m not. BELIEVE ME, when that happens, YOU WILL KNOW.

[Photo: Getty]