This is one of those dresses that, I suspect, looks better on TV than it did in still photos:

BUT FIRST: We need to talk about the fact that Orphan Black is dating Downton’s Tony Gillingham, who I find nearly unrecognizable when he’s not in a tweedy three-piece trying to talk Mary into marrying him! (NO DOWNTON SPOILERS although you can read this week’s recap here!) Did anyone notice if he went onstage when they won? He MUST have done. (I was distracted by how cute Branson was when he noted that they made him sit at another table.)

And back to the dress: I mean, don’t get me wrong: it still looks pretty good. It just vaguely, down near the bottom, might be starting to give me a TINY ocular migraine. But I’ll never be mad at you, stripes! I love you, and want more people to wear you. And because this is OdlR, it fits her so nicely:

We can have a sidebar about whether this is technically gym hair, or it works, later.

[Photo: INF]