This picture totally pleases me:

She’s like, “what did you expect? I’M OPRAH.”

Frankly, whoever has been dressing O has been killing it lately. This is so flattering on her, and the color is great. Oprah doesn’t need to go gimmicky or fussy, and whoever is managing to resist making her either probably deserves some of Oprah’s Favorite Things. Actually, we were talking about this on Saturday, but can the universe make it so that Oprah hosts the red carpet? I mean, I think  even Giuliana herself would be like, “I am fine with stepping aside for Oprah.” I don’t think Oprah needs to or wants to be involved with that shitshow, but just think about it: EVERYONE would talk to her, and whenever they stepped up, she could Oprah-ize their name. “And next, I have CAAAAAAATE BLANCHEEEEEETTTTTTTTTT!” Even Cate Blanchett would love it and she hates everything about awards season.

[Photo: Getty]