I feel like I barely even need to say anything about this:

She looks amazing.

I mean, and this is not a rhetorical question, can you remember another actress nailing her debut awards season so perfectly? I am starting to feel the way you do when your sports team of choice is undefeated and you’re heading into the play-offs. It’s thrilling and exciting and it’s also terrifying because you start to think, “Our luck is not going to hold out. This can’t last. Something terrible will happen,” and then you start hoping that the Something Terrible happens soon, because you need to get your Something Terrible out of the way so the team can recover before All Is Lost. You need to lose a game before you get into, say, the NCAA basketball tournament, which is sudden death. You need to go on your losing streak before the play-offs. You want to get your embarrassing loss to someone out of the way early. All of which is to say: PLEASE wear something hideous and stupid to, like, the DGA Awards next week, Lupita, so the rest of can rest easy on the way to the Super Bowl, AKA Oscartown.

[Photo: Getty]