This one might be a scrolldown for me in the vein that Sarah Paulson (coming up) also is: a FANTASTIC head over a big ol’ HMM of a dress.

This is neither as bad as I keep fearing it is, nor as good as I want it to be. It’s the closest I’ve ever seen her come to being overshadowed by a garment — the problem, I think, being that the bodice looks clumsy. It’s folded such that it creates an illusion of each boob being shoved to the center. And the thing that often undoes Zac Posen is that this fabric has no room for error. It hides nothing, but nobody seems to remember that, so the wearers are stuck with the marks of a dozen tiny sins of handiwork: bunching, overdone darts, all of it. So it’s close, but still can’t get its fingers on the cigar.

[Photo: Getty]