In the grand tradition of Starlets Busting Out Bold Patterns at the SAG Awards — which may only have started last year, with Mila and Hailee, but whatever — Ms. Shailene “I Hate You, Albert Nobbs” Woodley turned up on the red carpet in big, bold flowers. As the lighting changed, it struck me differently. In the end I can’t decide if it’s bold and beautiful, like Brooke Logan Forrester Forrester Forrester Chambers Forrester Forrester Forrester Forrester Marone Forrester Jones Forrester (the order may be wrong but the quantity is right — those are three different Forresters, mind), or just too Marimekko. Which is great, and has its place, but that place is less likely on the body of Brooke LFFCFFFFMFJ Forrester, and more on her giant king-sized bed while she is accidentally sleeping with her daughter’s husband/other daughter’s teen boyfriend at a masked ball (although let’s be accurate: the latter happened up against the house’s exterior wall). And if you’re wondering whether I only drew those parallels to make fun of how incestuous B&B is, you’re pretty much right. Although the Marimekko part, I meant.


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