I feel like this is one of those dresses that ends up on the Vogue best dressed list, while the rest of us go, “oh COME ON.” And possibly even while some Vogue staffers hiss, “oh, come on” about it under their breaths in the elevator.

That said: I sort of also enjoy things about it? It looks FUN to wear, although she doesn’t look like she’s having much fun in this particular shot. (She didn’t do any interviews, and I wonder if maybe she didn’t want to get into the dog and pony show for the SAGs and is saving her interview mojo for the Oscars. Remember that weird article about Gone Girl in EW last summer, wherein they basically came out and said she was impossible to wrangle for press? We may be seeing a natural reticence about speaking to the media coming out again. Regardless: Cheer up, Ro! Your lipstick is fabulous.) It looks like something you could twirl around in very satisfactorily, everyone will probably want to come up and gently touch you (this is good or bad depending on said Toucher, of course) and then they’ll probably say something complimentary even if they don’t mean it, and you can TOTALLY eat in it, which is basically the most important thing.  So. I find myself weirdly torn by this insane piece of clothes/art. What do you think?