I’m not going to lie: I primarily threw these two in together because the idea of them in some kind of fight TO THE PAIN gives me the giggles. But they did both wear black with tulle, so it’s not TOTALLY random. Let’ start with Glenn.

That is… not flattering, and also, probably some very damp net sleeves after about ten minutes in the sunlight. Overall, it’s very, “Come on down to the Black Swan Saloon, where we serve crazy by the jug.” And to think, I was certain that I’d be done with Black Swan jokes by this time in my life. Maybe this will finally be the last one.

Also swaddling her shoulders in tulle: Ashlee.

For me, the Simpson gown wins in a landslide — I rather enjoy the retro aura she’s working, even if she’s got on about three rings too many and is festooned in sparkly cobwebs.  (I’d be way more on board with spiders if they were bejewelled instead of just creepy, spindly, hairy beasts who are out to feast on the innocent.) It’s also nice to see Ashlee taming the Divorce Makeover she gave herself into something that has a little style. Take heart, though, Glenn; if this were, say, a face-off between your bunny-boiler and Ashlee’s dead-eyed robosociopath in Melrose Place, you’d knock her flat with barely a whimper.

Who wins for you?

  • Glenn (8%, 413 Votes)
  • Ashlee (71%, 3,741 Votes)
  • THE WORLD (6%, 304 Votes)
  • Nobody (16%, 847 Votes)

Total Voters: 5,305

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