I love me some Octavia Spencer, and I LOVE that she’s bringing random friends as dates to these events — first Josh Sussman, with whom she was on Wizards of Waverly Place, and now Cougar Town’s Josh Hopkins, who she’s known apparently for years. (Octavia has a wide and varied friends list.)

I hope she’s secretly dating BOTH of them.

I liked this okay on the red carpet, but now that I’m looking at the pictures…Octavia, I want to love you, but this is just so bland. AND it sort of looks like you spilled wine on your actual skirt and tied a towel — you know, a conveniently perfectly coordinated towel — around your waist as a sarong. Please don’t Sarong It Up at the Oscars — SA-RIGHT IT. HAHAHAHAHAH. Sorry. I can’t even believe I’m leaving that in this entry, but we’re all friends here and if you can’t deploy that kind of terrible pun on your friends….you need new friends. Octavia might be able to recommend some!