As I write, I have not yet slept, but I don’t think my judgment is impaired: Kate Middleton — who will, for better or worse, always be Kate Middleton to me — looked utterly, utterly stunning. I can’t imagine a higher-pressure situation, and she responded gracefully and with tremendous poise and dignity, and she smartly went with simplicity and classicism over the meringue and the sparkle and the ornate detail we remember from Diana and Fergie’s weddings: The dress was a streamlined, modern take on Princess Grace’s iconic gown, beautiful on its own, uncomplicated but not boring, and on her it truly made Kate the jewel.

Do you want to split some hairs, now that I’ve gone all gushy? Okay: The bouquet was an afterthought that could’ve, nay should’ve, been a little livelier (although all will pale in comparison to Lady Di’s cascade). The makeup was a bit more noticeable than it might’ve been. And she looked tired. Do you think she slept at all, or do you think she lay awake all night rehearsing the schedule in her mind and wondering whether she needed to set YET ANOTHER iPhone alarm or if she remembered the right bra or whether she has an eye-pencil sharpener or what she should eat for breakfast that she wouldn’t barf up on the way to the Abbey? I hope she ordered tea and a chocolate croissant and then took a Xanax. Because, Catherine, Duchess of Cambridge, you’d better get a good night’s sleep while you can: pregnancy rumors inevitably will start post-Honeymoon.