Judy is one of the few movies I have seen hide nor hair of — I guess the two guilds that send screeners to my house weren’t courting nominations for that part of it — so I have no perspective on this performance. But it does seem likely to win the Oscar because it ticks many boxes: actress who’d removed herself from the industry comes back into the light, does so playing a famous and beloved public figure plagued and ultimately undone by her own demons (award shows love unhappy women), sort of vaguely pretty much-ish looks the part in a way that involves not looking exactly like her usual self, sings. Honestly, she could be mediocre in it and it might not matter. But have heard she’s excellent in it — have any of you seen it? — and I hope that’s true. Renee seems to me like a very fragile bird at times, and I just want her to be safe and happy and oh damn this was about to go down a very Country Strong bird-in-a-box road. Please watch Country Strong, if ever you can, just so that there are more people whom I can look at and simply say, “BULL TRUE,” and we will instantly understand one another.

Also, Renee has worn a lot of black on the trail; this is a super suit, for sure, but the blue at the Globes was so lovely that I hope she goes with color at the SAGs this weekend. By the way, the SAGs are this weekend. This bus is rolling downhill without a handbrake.

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