Reese, first, thank you for wearing the hell out of your mask, being the change we wish to see, etc. You get it. But I need to know something: How are you wearing that with sunglasses? One wan exhale from me, and mine fogs up like I’m in a sauna. I have to yank down a hat brim and squint if I want to run on a sunny day (yes, I know, this is not a real problem) because my knockoff Ray Bans would occlude in full and I’d stumble into a parked car, or worse, an unexpectedly moving one, or EVEN WORSE, another person who then turns out not to be wearing a mask. How do you keep all of this in play without making yourself crazy, Reese? Do you have magical breath? Does Draper James make mints that take the stew out of your CO2? Do you–

Reese Witherspoon out and about, Los Angeles, USA - 21 Apr 2020

Oh, okay, I guess you just give up and take them off like the rest of us. Cool, cool. I feel better? I mean… I was hoping for some Instagram advice — there are eight thousand hacks for my pantry, but not this? — but I suppose this at least means we are all but human.

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