There are some bits and bobs here that I would change PERSONALLY, as in, if it were on my body (for example, on me, a cut that low would look terrible). But on Emma, it all hangs together nicely.

The pelvic equator also wouldn’t flatter me, but again, on Emma it works, even if I don’t completely understand why it’s tapering off on the right, and despite the fact that the skirt resembles vertical blinds.

I’d have finished it with a slim tennis bracelet, I think — just a last dash of something — but I deeply appreciate her dark pedicure, which is a small but subtle detail that makes this feel fully considered. What I REALLY enjoy is that I scrolled down very quickly at first and had a strange hallucinatory moment where I thought I saw the skirt swish. So on the whole, I and my tricksy mind jointly declare this pretty damn good.

[Photo: Getty]

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