After their wedding extravapalooza a couple weeks ago in Jodhpur and New Delhi, Priyanka Chopra and Nick Jonas have two Mumbai receptions on the docket: One was yesterday, for friends and family, and then next is tonight for the Bollywood community. (Delhi and Mumbai are a two hour flight apart and apparently a 23 hour drive, so I’m guessing in U.S. geographical terms is a bit like having a second set of parties in, say, Chicago, for people who couldn’t make it to L.A.) Priyanka wore a custom dress by Sabyasachi, who also did the unreal red gown she wore a couple weeks ago, and the dress Sophie Turner wore for the reception. It looks… perhaps a little tight on her bust, but that fabric is stunning and her necklace looks like it was ripped from a museum. If Ocean’s Eight hadn’t already done that, sort of, then I would suggest that for a sequel.