Being as she’s become a fashion plate of sorts, we’ve covered rather a lot of Emma Watson over the years (which you can revisit here, and then also here), and lavished praise on her for growing up to be a poised, articulate, thoughtful young lady who is not all up in our grills with her underboob.

And, yes, we’ve poked fun at the suitcoats and hair and goofy grins of the Potter dudes over the years, but not NEARLY as much. So we thought it’d be fun — on the premiere date of the last installment, which will make some of you cry and others of you fall to your knees and scream hallelujahs at invisible angels, whom you are sure have rained love upon you at long last — to see how the guys from the franchise have grown up. We begin with one of my personal favorites, Ron Weasley — whom I like in the books, but LOVE in the movies, because Rupert Grint is perfect. It makes me all misty to see him as a tiny ginger cherub. And then misty in a different way to see his hair now, but let’s not get ahead of ourselves and just enjoy the ride.