As of yet, no one has been able to answer my very important Ashlee Simpson 2019 question, namely: Why? That sounds snarky but I am legitimately asking it. Is she being invited to parties and events at Cannes, and photographed there because she’s promoting something? (Her reality show with Evan Ross was cancelled and I don’t think she has new music coming out; having said that, I’m not going to lie. Autobiography holds up. Put it back on your cardio mix and feel 10 years younger for at least thirty seconds.) Are they moving into the place where they’re getting invited to things because his mom is Diana Ross and they might wear something interesting? (The Interestingly Dressed Off-Spring of the Legitimately Famous is an actual place to make your mark in 2019.) Is this a thing where the Attractive Siblings of More Famous People get married and thus combine into one legitimately famous creation? (Although I feel like Jessica Simpson isn’t markedly more famous than Ashlee anymore so this hypothesis might be flawed.) Is it because Ashlee can be counted on to show up in THE MOST ENORMOUS SPRING COAT IN THE WORLD? If it’s that last one, I actually am sincerely okay with this. Keep it up, kid. I salute your efforts.

[Photo: Simone Comi/Cannes/IPA/PA Images/]