This is nearly there.

But the hair is in the Chastain-at-the-Globes mode of “I Stuck My Head Out The Car Window And Used Nature’s Blowdryer.” The lipstick looks to be a baby pink, which plays poorly with the dress — like, the gown is basically taking that lipstick and rubbing its face in the sandbox and then stealing its shovel. And the design of the bodice itself feels like she’s in a wedding where the bride has a matching lace peekaboo-motif writ much larger and more explosively and with a matching volcanic veil. The skirt is graceful, and for what its worth the cleavage is admirable, and I love Anna Kendrick as an actress and a Tweeter and whatnot. But it might not even be nearly there. It might just be prowling the neighbordhood aimlessly, looking to steal people’s UPS packages.

[Photo: Getty]