I saw this photo at the end of last week, and decided to wait on the outfit credit just in case it wasn’t Chanel. But it is. It’s ALWAYS Chanel. And some of the suits she gets are perfectly nice Chanels, like this one. I have to stress that I don’t hate this. It’s good, even. It’s like a starry sky as viewed from the gilded window of your European penthouse suite. But it also illustrates how boring these iron-clad celebrity contracts are. I can see where there might be so many choices out there that it’s tempting to reduce them to one very small pool, you know what else can make that happen? A good stylist. And there are lots of them. Now, Penelope Cruz may well not give a fig what she wears as long as the checks clear, which is understandable, but doesn’t it get boring for her? It’s very, very boring for ME. Isn’t she thinking of me?!?!?! And it’s not great for a person’s brand when I see them and think, “Oh, Penelope Cruz, blah blah blah Chanel.” Also an apt log line for this post, actually.

[Photo: Shutterstock]