“What is Paula Patton promoting at Build Series?” I wondered. Well, friends: Actual Build Series explained on their YouTube channel:

The BET+ original film, “Sacrifice,” takes place in Los Angeles and follows Daniella Hernandez (Paula Patton), a highly sought after entertainment lawyer. Daniella has a reputation that proves problematic to LA law enforcement, forcing her to be at odds with her sorority sister-turned-nemesis DA Beverly Rucker. In an attempt to protect her clients, Daniella enlists the services of her resourceful assistant and a young ex-hacker and tech genius.

I am saddened to note that I do not have BET+, because otherwise I would FOR SURE end up watching this at some point. You had me at ” sorority sister-turned-nemesis DA,” and I am absolutely sincere. (I do feel like Paula Patton has a profoundly congenial vibe that seems a bit at odds with a character that seems to be ethically questionable; to me, she always reads like your whole rom-com heroine.) BET+ is also where the First Wives Club reboot lives, and Twitter tells me it is good, but I am not paying for any more streaming services! No All Access, no Disney+! Nothing! (Okay, maybe Disney+, but only because Disney now owns a huge chunk of history’s old movies.)

ANYWAY. Let’s see what she wore!

[Photos: MediaPunch/Shutterstock]