When we saw Whoopi wearing this, we assumed it was the beginning of some elaborate joke about Julia Roberts’s outfit from the Globes:

And then NO JOKE MATERIALIZED. Friends, I am confused. For one thing, Whoopi’s get up looked like she made it at home – which is one of the reasons I thought it was a joke. For another…well, who would wear this again if it wasn’t a joke, unless you’re doing it to make Julia’s version look more streamlined and fabulous (which this does)? I was going to say that Whoopi was planning to crack on Julia, but thought better of it considering that Julia’s had some rough family stuff go down over the last three weeks, but you can buy a new dress in three weeks if you’re Whoopi Goldberg, especially if that dress only needs to be better than something you threw together for a bit. Or is it possible that we’re all bit players in a new Hollywood psychodrama wherein Whoopi is slowly sliding into a fugue state where she believes herself to BE Julia Roberts? Because, actually, that’s really interesting. Wait while I pop some popcorn, I want to see how this one turns out.

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