This isn’t Jessica Biel’s fault, but I just really need to note that I haven’t liked Justin Timberlake since he decided he didn’t want to have curly hair anymore. He’s like Sampson, but instead of strength, his curls prevented him from seeming super smug. Maybe Biel can work on this while they’re off being happy in Wyoming, or wherever it is that they live? As far as her dress goes: Yo, that’s a LOT of gold. I already joked on Cosmo that she looks like the ballroom at Mar-a-lago, and I stand by that. As much as I love metallics, she is GILDED, and that necklace is a step too far.

She changed for the Vanity Fair party, swapping the gold overload for a golden cape. Or, technically, a cape-bra. A capebra?

2017 Vanity Fair Oscar Party Hosted By Graydon Carter - Arrivals

This is going to be quite a Marvel movie, you guys.

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