You guys know I am not a huge Natalie Portman fan. So you know my judgement here is not marred by misguided love for her. In fact, I don’t particularly like her, period — although I did feel bad for her (and the world) when we all had to sit through that awkward, awkward segment last night where she had to, like, personally toast each of the Best Actor nominees.  (I kind of wish she could have just spoken extemporaneously, e.g,  “Dude from that movie no one saw, I’m sure you were awesome.” “Hey, Gary Oldman, SIRIUS BLACK RULES,” etc.) BUT. I think this dress is delightful.  It’s vintage Dior, and, to quote Kiefer Sutherland the time at a bar that he told me he liked my coat and I told him it was vintage, “I CAN TELL.”