The big news to come out of the Vanity Fair party was that Joan Collins had to be escorted out and to the hospital, because she was having dizzy spells. Later, she said it was because she made the mistake of wearing a tight dress that, after five hours, made it tough to breathe. That had better be true. We can’t lose La Collins. She has to live to be at least a hundred. I can’t deal.

This is the dress. It looks a bit like barnacles, but it’s also… you know, it’s Joan Collins. The woman is a national treasure even though she’s not from here. There may never be a villain as awesome as Alexis Colby Etc., so let’s all say a silent prayer of thanks to the Camp Gods that she’s okay, and then discuss whether this dress was worth the TERROR of seeing a swooning legend go down.

Was it worth it?

  • YES. Fashion is pain! (12%, 1,442 Votes)
  • Fashion is pain, but THIS dress isn't worth enduring it (41%, 4,816 Votes)
  • NO. Do not risk anything, ever, just for an outfit. (13%, 1,470 Votes)
  • But it's Joan Collins! (15%, 1,791 Votes)
  • JUST DON'T DIE. OH MY GOD. (18%, 2,138 Votes)

Total Voters: 11,658

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