I am not usually the person to say this, much less mean it.

But I look at this photo and think, “Damn. I am not living my best life. And I know it, and SHE knows it, and now it’s too late and for the first time I’m sort of sad I can’t un-eat a lifetime of interestingly flavored potato chips.”

The good news for me is, I don’t like it as much when I drink in the whole thing:

I am never that wild about slits that bisect. And in truth, the dress isn’t something I would normally be that hot for, especially at an Oscar party. But the gigantic necklace and the casual ease with which she’s working the Formal Boho aesthetic is enviable for sure. I bet this looked great in motion as she glided through the party, not eating anything that might stain, dangling a Champagne flute from her fingers. She’s even making me wish I could wear things that take belts. Basically, I’m digging on her vibe here more than the specifics of the garment itself, and that’s to her credit.

[Photos: Fame/Flynet]