It is a great and true delight to be able to say, of Julianne Moore — in Chanel, no less! — that I think she totally nailed it:

Because, truly, context is everything. Are you going to wake up tomorrow, dreaming of this gown? Will it float through your sartorial fantasies for years to come? When someone mentions the 2016 Oscars, will you sigh, “yes, the year of Julianne Moore’s black Chanel?” Nah. But on a night when she was presenting a much anticipated award, as the out-going Best Actress, this was perfect. It’s pretty on her, it fits perfectly, and it totally takes the event seriously, without drawing focus from the actual nominees. It’s timeless, and youthful. Well done.

NOT so well done? That the orchestra — which was COMPLETELY OFF ITS ROCKER LAST NIGHT — played her in to the dulcet tones of “Mrs Robinson.” What was that about? “Julianne Moore! So hot! BUT WAIT SO OLD?!?! HOW TO EXPRESS THIS PARADOX?!?!!” Ugh. I mean, was this as tone-deaf as playing off a man who’d won an Oscar for a film about the Holocaust using “Ride of the Valkyries,” which ALSO happened?  No. But, dude. Where they just throwing darts at the wall in the pit?

[Photo: Getty]