I was going to make a more glib Beauty and the Beast joke about this, but then I realized people might misinterpret that as me dissing Judd, which wasn’t the intent. I mean, I guess he and the Beast both… wear suits and have facial hair? And occasionally deal with people yelling at them? (And have talking furniture, maybe? I don’t know Judd’s life.) But for me, the similarity was just Leslie’s big swirly yellow skirt. I could totally see her twirling around a ballroom in it while a teapot sings about love.

Leslie Mann and Judd Apatow

I think it looked a little cheap, though, particularly on TV under those lights. It looks like a poofy duvet, right down to the fact that it’s always somehow a little more crinkled than it should be (something the first photo also really illustrates). The hair, makeup, and accessories all needed tweaks to help her sell the color. I also am not in love with the bodice. At the very least, it doesn’t need the boob knot, which reminds me of nothing so much as the little cross-over-and-snap tie I wore with my Brownie uniform in the ’80s. Snip that off and it’s already 60 percent better. Ah, the power of editing.