I think Meryl may take this one.

She looked classy, lovely, and like she had a blast. I think that might be because she knew there was no chance she’d win. I had been trying to explain her performance in August: Osage County to Jessica, but the clips stood for themselves; she actually shrieked with laughter. The thing is, I don’t blame Meryl. The movie itself is so airless that I think Meryl was trying desperately to fill what turned out to be a vacuum. It was a fruitless exercise. But if they’d RECOGNIZED that and advertised it as a comedy of accents and bellowing, then maybe it would’ve done better. Still, Meryl herself will emerge unscathed, and rightly, and I still think she’d be a gas at a cocktail lounge.

Here is Amanda Peet, who actually acquitted herself better than usual:

Of course it’s black and white — that’s all she ever does, if she doesn’t stick with one or the other — but it’s also actually rather reasonable. She loses points for her hair being somewhat upset with itself, and the shirt isn’t as graceful as Meryl’s, but she’s wearing lipstick AND a bracelet AND she painted her toenails AND her shoes are at least trying to be something, which means she may actually be better at this all of a sudden than a lot of people.

Who takes it?

  • Meryl (92%, 4,247 Votes)
  • Amanda, on her own merits (2%, 74 Votes)
  • Amanda, just because it's so improved (7%, 312 Votes)

Total Voters: 4,633

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