I just glanced at this photo and thought, “Ohhh, Khandi Alexander IS good casting for her mother.” I know that is old news for Scandal fans, but something about the hairdo here has Kerry’s cheekbones more on display than usual.

When I first glimpsed this on E!, I was undecided; that top looks like nothing so much as rubberized armor — a high-fashion bat suit, or half a Marvel costume for a superhero they have yet to create (perhaps Olivia Pope can weaponize her persuasive skills and join The Avengers). But the longer I look, the more I appreciate the gown’s inherent funkiness; even those glorified belt loops at her hips look posh with the leather snaking through them. It’s possible Donatella’s greater recent fashion crimes inured me, or maybe I just miss Kerry now that I’ve (mostly) quit Scandal, but I’m personally ruling in favor of this one.

I’m not as confident about the shoelace she wore later:

Y INDEED, Kerry. This is not happening for me. Although I freely admit I may be unduly influenced by having seen the back first:

2016 Vanity Fair Oscar Party

It’s basically designed to look like an outer dress is dropping off, and an interior bathing suit emerging in its place. Like she’s hatching at a Victoria’s Secret Catalog show.

[Photo: Getty]