I’m going to start with the one I personally like better: the Prabal Gurung from the Vanity Fair party.

He’s used an extremely fussy, unedited, and dare I say it, deranged hand when designing for her in the past. But this is so elegant on her — it looks comfortable, it’s almost absurdly flattering, and it’s the kind of thing I imagine is very sad to take off because you don’t ever get to wear these things twice unless you’re planning a very posh afternoon scouring your tile counters and aren’t afraid of a little errant Soft Scrub.

I don’t actively dislike the Versace, either:

I just think it suffers by comparison. The fit is very precise and romantic — she’s a nursing mother of twins, which I can say from experience does unpredictable things to the mother’s own twins, and yet they’re being supported admirably. It also helps that she’s doing this gown every solid in the world by looking so happy and blowy [GLOWY I MEANT GLOWY but I’m leaving the typo because it’s amusing to me]. I haven’t seen so many truly beaming photos of her, or at least at least not in ages. Her makeup feels like an afterthought, though, and I do find myself wishing this were in a true color. A vivid purple, a green, navy.

And one other thing:

In many lights, or maybe just the more I look at it, the shadows being cast on her chest look regrettably like a lactation accident. Factoring THAT in, Prabal wins for me in a landslide.

[Photos: Getty, Splash]