I always love seeing how people dress for the Vanity Fair party. People who went to the actual Oscars usually change into something less uptight, whereas people who DIDN’T go to the Oscars sometimes dress as if they had. To wit, Miss Lily Collins:

First, I enjoy her serving it so completely for us. Second, I think SOMEONE has taken Lily’s infamous brows down a notch. Now, listen, I LOVE a strong brow; I love HER strong brows specifically. And so it’s a relief that they still look like Brow Brows, just….having been put on a wee diet, the kind you go on when you wake up and realize your jeans are a bit too snug and MAYBE it’s because all you’ve eaten for six weeks is potato chips. But her face is really quite lovely. How about the dress? Let’s look at the front:

Is it wrong that I just wish the entire thing were striped?


  • It's wrong. YOU ARE WRONG. This is great as it is! (47%, 2,572 Votes)
  • You're wrong, because the whole thing ought to be that top pattern. (6%, 310 Votes)
  • You're not wrong; the whole thing would be better stripes. (42%, 2,290 Votes)
  • Nothing could save this. (5%, 300 Votes)

Total Voters: 5,472

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