I don’t actually think this dress is fugly — it was one of the Naeem Khan gowns I pulled for our Oscars speculation slideshow, noting that whoever wore it might need to un-sheerify it a little. Annette definitely did that, but I’m not sure there was enough room for her chest in this one. Things seem a little… snug. Like she was stuffing her bra with oranges to hurl at Natalie Portman, should the kid best her once more. (Good thing she didn’t. I don’t think America would react very well to a person winging hard fruit at a pregnant lady. Although the subsequent attempts to apprehend her might have been amusing.)

The real question is whether Annette was able to carve out any prominent red-carpet real estate on the arm of her attention-hug husband, Warren Beatty. I am so fascinated by their dynamic. I’m going to miss them now that all this is over. Please, Annette, get nominated for something again soon so we can see how he’s grown.

Pushing Warren aside -- as I'm sure she would like to do more often -- what do you think of the gown?

  • GORGEOUS. (23%, 1,753 Votes)
  • Gorgeous, but not quite right on her. (50%, 3,865 Votes)
  • Gaaaaaaah. (27%, 2,054 Votes)

Total Voters: 7,673

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