I did not like this dress on her — at all — but I did like how completely aggravated Olivia Wilde looked as she was forced to stand in silence next to Sasha Baron Cohen as Ali G, while he introduced two serious and heartfelt movies about women’s lives with a glib and unfunny routine that was primarily about how terrifically amusing he finds himself. I do not know who made the decision that ALI G should introduce Room — possibly Sasha Baron Cohen himself — but it was a huge and, frankly insulting, misstep.  I cannot believe the Oscars producers didn’t have two women introduce those movies, but at the very freaking least, could you not have asked someone with a little more gravitas to introduce a film that encompasses such complex emotional moments as Room does? Or, does it just not matter? After all, it’s just about a woman and a little kid, a mother and child. Who cares? Send in the clowns.

[Photos: Getty, Fame/Flynet]