Even if you set aside The Curse of the Envelope, and the fact that the whole incident was so bizarre that it’ll probably be in her eventual obituary, Faye wasn’t having her best outing at the Oscars. This started out as a halfway reasonable, if perhaps ill-fitting, suit dress; great jewelry, and as menswear goes, she was totally on the night’s color theme. But then suddenly it’s raining pizza down South. Imagine if it had been solid blue all the way down… but, I guess sometimes weird accidents happen, eh, Faye?

This is what she wore during the critical moment, and at the post-parties.

Faye Dunaway

Again, it’s… on its way to something, but gets derailed by madness. But if she wants to avoid further comment on the Best Picture mix-up by disappearing into a cult that worships buttons, I know what she can wear to the first meeting.

[Photos: Getty]