I like the idea of the top, and I thought I liked where the skirt was going, but then it became… less. Like when you’re driving on the I-10 and you see signs for THE THING? starting about a hundred miles out, and you know its going to be cheesy but you’re still pretty sure it’s going to be AWESOME cheesy, and then you finally get there and THE THING? is just a mummy that might not even be real, stashed in some dude’s junk shed full of other tchotchkes, and suddenly you’re a dollar poorer and three bags of Combos fatter (because you had to buy something in the convenience store so that people didn’t think you ONLY came for THE THING?). This skirt is the shed in that scenario. Which I guess makes Elizabeth the mummy we want to see, and might even like, but are too tired to care about after wading through a pile of old saddles and ball caps.

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