The Offer is the story of producer Albert Ruddy’s attempts to get The Godfather made, and it has a cast full of recognizable faces playing versions of even MORE recognizable faces — Matthew Goode, Juno Temple (not present, presumably because Ted Lasso is filming), Colin Hanks, Justin Chambers, Giovanni Ribisi, Lou Ferrigno, and two Band of Brothers alums (Joe Toye, and good ol’ Liebgott, whom I erroneously killed early on in one of my TWoP recaps; those were confusing episodes), all repping people like Robert Evans, Marlon Brando, Ali MacGraw, Coppola, Mario Puzo, Al Pacino, Frank Sinatra, and more. They are REALLY trying to tempt people into signing up for Paramount+, although based on the trailer I can’t tell if it’s going to be any good:

Trailers are tough. They often get it wrong, so I can’t tell if this project takes itself this seriously, or needs to, or what. But everyone other than Miles Teller seems to be in mondo scenery-chewing mode, so if you’ve stacked up any shows on Paramount+ that you want to watch, you might as well come for The Offer and stay for Evil and The Good Fight and Star Trek and milk the HELL out of that free trial. Just don’t go anywhere or do anything for a month, and you’re golden. Easy!

[Photos: Chelsea Lauren/Shutterstock, Kevin Winter/Getty Images]