I was just thinking about Gwyneth! Did you see that Jared Leto now has a skincare line? Even though he literally told Vogue, in a piece advertorializing his beauty products, that he isn’t interested in beauty products! Anyway, I’ve got this theory that many of these celebs with beauty lines are actually using them as some kind of way to launder money, or as a tax scam. (Like, they invest all this money in a “business,” the business fails as they knew it would, and they write it off their taxes for some profitable reason that I don’t get but that a clever and slightly shady business advisor absolutely would.) Can someone investigate this?

Anyway, the reason I was thinking about GOOP is because I actually think GOOP is one of the few non-tax scam celeb beauty lines — along with (obviously) Fenty — mostly because GOOP is 100% Gwyneth’s primary job now and not just something she does in between her other creative gigs. (Given how long it’s been since we had new music from Rihanna, I suspect this is possibly the case with her now as well.) She’ll pop out to be Pepper Pot and then erase that from her memory, but mostly she’s signing off on packaging for dry shampoo or whatever. Here, she’s popping out to promote something called Copper Fit, which I guess she’s currently doing a collab with, given that she’s modeling neck braces and whatnot on their website. I cannot get mad at GOOP for this one, because I too love a compression sock. I CAN get mad at her for the fact that this dress is making me crave oatmeal something fierce, though. PS: I don’t hate it at all. But I do think it might be too big?

[Photo: Matt Baron/BEI/Shutterstock]