I hate when the Olympics end. It’s like the day after Christmas. It feels like the end of fun. FOREVER. Thank God Kate and Wills are touring Asia and the Pacific Islands for two weeks in September, so at least we won’t be totally bereft of their shenanigans. But what about Prince Harry, the hot swimmers of the world, and the awesomeness of women’s track and field, for example? What am I supposed to do without THEM? I guess I’ll just have to write a fanfic where Harry and Nathan Adrian are roommates living across the hall from Carmelita Jeter and Allyson Felix. You know, like Friends but with more really fast running. (Kate and Wills will live across the way, I guess, in Ugly Naked Guy’s apartment.)  While I get to work on that, take a look at the last of the Royal Olympic Goodness. Thanks for showing us such a good time, London.