The Affleck-Lopez re-engagement is official, and now they’re strolling past the paps on a school run and J.Lo is wearing fashion overalls — and what appear to be heeled boots, which remind me of the stiletto Timberlands she wore during Bennifer 1.0. Everything old is new again, including this love affair. It’s time now for Armageddon II and Maid in Montauk, too, please. As part of this set of photos, they also went to a drive-thru, and then Jennifer emerged with this in her hand:

Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck step out together for a school pick-up, Los Angeles, California, USA - 13 Apr 2022

Tell me, coffee experts: Is that Starbucks, or something else, or did Ben take Jen to Dunkin’ Donuts? Forget whether the kids all get along; she’s gotta meet his true love.

[Photos: Broadimage/Shutterstock]