On the other hand, there IS a dude in a kilt in this slideshow, so….

This event took place at Edinburgh Castle in Scotland, right up the road from  the Palace of Holyroodhouse (which Heather and I visited when we were in the UK in 2016 for the Queen’s birthday, and where, of course, Mary Queen of Scots got up to many of her shenanigans. Part of the tour of the castle, in fact, is through her chambers waaaay up at the top of a skinny staircase). [She also got up to shenanigans in Edinburgh Castle, but you know. The really stabby bit was at Holyroodhouse. Although I love how everything you read is like, “Mary ABANDONED Holyroodhouse for Edinburgh Castle after all the murder-y things,” leaving aside the fact that they’re literally walking distance from each other.])

If you find yourself in Edinburgh, (a) I am VERY jealous, because we only had a few days there and didn’t even get inside this particular castle and (b) definitely take yourself to Holyroodhouse, because it’s very neat and old and their tea room is excellent. What was I even coming in here to do? Oh, right! This dress is a mess, but her face is charming. Same as it ever was.

[Photos: Euan Cherry/WENN, WENN.com]