First, please let me offer love and thanks to Jessica for how much of the load she’s shouldered in the last week or so, which allowed me to spend some of my family vacation NOT chained to my laptop. She deserves all of the laurels.

Second, we got some questions about whether we’ll cover the World Cup Thighlights for the women as we did with the men, and the answer is: I hope so. I haven’t been able to watch a single frame of the women’s tournament yet, and sadly, the number and variety of pictures of the women’s matches that we have available to us legally is MUCH smaller than the pool of pictures from the men’s games, so when I sat down to do some pulls today, the results were depressing. And third, we don’t have as much room in our photo budget this year. (Boring.) BUT I am not giving up! I’m gonna do my level best to pull together something soon.

Third, Kate Moss’s sister Lottie — also a model — wore these underpants underneath a strapless trench-robe made from material that Liza Minnelli would very much like back. When I Googled this to make sure I cited her career correctly, I learned that apparently Lottie posted on Instagram that she wore this because she’s been feeling “super uncomfortable with [her] weight” lately. I am glad she was infused with confidence, and hope she realizes that anyone who gives her grief about her figure is a tragic dope, and that it doesn’t always take glitzed-up underwear for her to feel that way. To paraphrase Spaceballs, the Schwartz is in YOU, Lottie Moss. IT’S IN YOU.

[Photo: Rex/Shutterstock]
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