Flashback to TRL in 2007…

HOST: Okay, Cameron, we’re going to take off your blindfold now! Are you ready to see what crazy thing you chose from the closet?

CAMERON: Yes, I’m… wait, what?

HOST: That’s right! Remember how we agreed to blindfold you and put you in a closet of loony outfits and then surprise you with what you put on?

CAMERON: What are you talking about? You put the blindfold on me backstage after I was already… OW!

HOST: Damn, sorry, did I jab you with my elbow? My bad! I was just trying to untie this blindfold. WHICH WE TIED ON BEFORE YOU GOT DRESSED.

CAMERON: Dude, I haven’t…

DAMIAN: … laid eyes on this outfit yet! I know! It’s hilarious! What a gas this will be, for you to see this for the very first time ever, because it’s totally an outfit you did not already have in your house!

CAMERON: If you’re talking about the romper thingy, I wore it to the studio today.

HOST (whispering): Would you keep it down? Your publicist paid me $100 to pretend you didn’t have sight on your side when you put this on, and I’m saving up for a Nintendo Wii.

CAMERON: What’s wrong with what I’m wearing?

HOST: It’s… skirty overalls that look like a 12-year old braided it in the camp craft tent?

CAMERON: Dude, I’m Cameron Diaz. I am ADORABLE. I can get away with just about anything.

HOST: … Fine. I tried. Tell your publicist I’m keeping the $100. The Wii is a forever investment that waits for no man.

[Photo: Getty]