So, The Northman already premiered overseas, and it’s a Viking revenge flick staring Alexander Skarsgard, Nicole Kidman, Anya Taylor-Joy, and Bjork. YES. BJORK. This is my beef. We have not gotten FRESH BJORK at these premieres**. Now, I respect Bjork if she just wants to keep her Bjork to her Bjorkself, but I also wish the studio would pay meeeeeeeellions of dollars to just fly her over the event in a hot-air balloon or a bubble or something, so that she can stay as safe as she pleases and yet we can get our fix of the Most Serene Highest High Princess of Quirk. Is this selfish? Yes. But also, I mean, think about it, movie people. Because this would be a major photo op. Throw your bank accounts at this problem and see what happens.

** Well, apparently she did go to one in Iceland! Many of you saw the pic; apparently it’s Instagram-only:


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She is about the only person who can make any of that Loewe make sense. My point about the balloon stands. She could balloon over from her home, right? RIGHT?!?

[Photos: David Buchan/Shutterstock]