This is at the premiere of McQueen, a documentary about Alexander McQueen, but I don’t believe Nicola’s look IS McQueen and I feel like everyone over at McQueen might be like, “is it rude to confirm that this isn’t McQueen?” and, conversely, if it IS McQueen, the people at McQueen might be like, “let’s pretend it’s not,” and thus concludes my attempt to use the word “McQueen” as often as possible in one sentence.

My fellow olds, do you remember that episode of Friends wherein Chandler makes a vow to stop saying cracking so many snarky jokes, and the effort nearly kills him? I’ve made a similar vow to myself to stop comparing things to Unconventional Materials Challenges on Project Runway and am in similar distress. So I guess I need to just note that I think her head looks fantastic here and move on with my lips clamped firmly together.

[Photo by JN Davidson/SHM/REX/Shutterstock]