Kate just rewore a Jenny Packham, so obviously her love for the label has not diminished (although between you and me, I think she could stand to be a little less frugal about the re-playing thing… then again, she’s probably spending a wad of cash on a brand new Australia wardrobe so in this case it’s likely for the best). Let’s look at the latest runway show through the lens of what Kate is likely to choose; I’ve listed them in a rough order from Middleton’s Most Likely to the least. Spoiler: There are more leasts than mosts, I think.

And as a fun treat, we got a video of the runway show, which we’ve placed after the jump. Mute your computers if you’re at work, or somewhere that demands quiet, because there is music. It runs for just shy of fifteen minutes.

What’s funny is that Jessica and I have been talking about the Torvill and Dean ice dance “Bolero” a lot, and I made her watch it a few days ago AGAIN (not that she was complaining), and so of course the Wainwright song uses strains of “Bolero.” IT’S BECKONING ME. Speaking of me, I’m in this, accidentally. If you look very carefully on the right, occasionally you can see me when the camera pulls back to its furthest point (my sweater has yellow on it). I was beckoned before I even KNEW I was being beckoned.

[Photos: Getty, Jenny Packham; video: Jenny Packham]