ANNA: Why the smile, young lady?

NICKI: It’s just… your HAIR.

ANNA: What about it?

NICKI: It’s all real.

ANNA: And?

NICKI: No, really, it’s growing out of your head. IN PUBLIC.

ANNA: Yes.

NICKI: And it’s flat! It’s just sitting there!

ANNA: It is. And I pay a lot of money for it to do this.

NICKI: HA HA. Good one, lady. Oh, that’s the best laugh I’ve had in three years.

Aside from ogling Nicki Minaj at the Carolina Herrera show — yes, Nicki was at the show of the woman who dresses perhaps Minaj’s polar opposite, Renee Zellweger (whom we also saw) — we also saw:

– Mandy Moore again, this time at Jenny Packham, wearing a sequined cardigan that Jess and I might end up fighting over, although I think in the end she’d win and then let me borrow it occasionally (the photo doesn’t do justice to how good — relaxed, yet shiny — the outfit looked);

– Johnny Weir, who held court looking spectacular in eye shadow that matched his shoes;

– Jordin Sparks and a passel of Gossip Girls at Alice + Olivia; and

Almost every Kardashian — and Jenner, including Brody, who chewed gum and drank wine simultaneously — at Avril Lavigne’s Abbey Dawn show.

And finally, because the links went up late yesterday, you may have missed our recap of Zac Posen — with Leigh Lezark in pants made it look like she was sitting on the toilet. We also bent Dwight Howard’s ear at Y-3 and Abbie Cornish’s at Tommy Hilfiger, although the real curiosity at that show was discovering that Melissa George and Russell Simmons are dating. Why does that seem so insane? And yet it is, right? Maybe it’s just nutso because of how she was acting: clasping his hand the whole time, rubbing up on him while he was posing for pictures like a normal person, never reacting to her, almost as if she were with a cardboard cutout. It was hilarious. And weird.

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