So, first: As far as Diane’s hair color goes, she told a whole story about how she accidentally dyed it brown and has been trying to get it back slowly (although, oddly, it looks redder again here than it did last weekend). So just in case you thought Diane Kruger had everything in lock, it turns out she too is at the inconsistent mercies of drugstore dye.

That doesn’t explain the dress, unfortunately:

It’s a sartorial garbage plate: sheer overlay, a giant torso fold, boring (if attractively shaped) black shoes, no bracelet, very daytime-y lipstick for such a dramatic evening gown, all thrown together in one dish and nuked until warm. And just like with actual garbage plates, there may be some regrets, a little groaning, and a desire to curl up in bed for three days and forget.

[Photo: Getty]